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WillBe Group provides consulting services to companies and organizations to elaborate their strategy, their business development and to achieve their complex transformations


  • An entrepreneurial project led by an ambitious team

Our team is composed of fifty professionals supported by a 'pool' of associates.

Experienced and trained to deal with high-stake challenges, our team is used to working in multicultural contexts.We share a common set of values: Ambition - Excellence – Team Spirit - Agility - Loyalty - Boldness.

Our small teams of senior consultants work closely with the management teams and the managerial circles of the companies and organisations we support.

Our associates, trained in international consulting firms, have all had transition management positions. The variety of our team makes our action and feedback all the more valuable.

To meet all of our clients’ diverse needs, we also rely on an extensive network of associates: qualified professionals who are experts in their fields and share a strong affectio societatis with WillBe Group.

  • An international ambition

Since the creation of Willbe Group, we have supported our clients on a European scale.

Thanks to recurring missions and the interest of local actors for our expertise, we have created local subsidiaries in Switzerland (2010) and Belgium (2015) with specialised resources who represent our Group.