Innovation processes

Inspire and support sustainable value creation for the company and its stakeholders

Without innovation there can be no durable competitive edge. If a company is to pursue its volume or value strategy, it must innovate. Yet innovation doesn’t always come easy to the company.

We worked out a method that spurs all kinds of innovation (disruptive innovation, incremental innovation), in its different applications (the value proposal for the customer, the value architecture and internal operation modes, management and HR). Our offer is always tailor-made, creative and out-of-the-box. We adapt it to every level of a company’s management ladder.

Contexts of intervention
  • Innovation strategy for a differentiating market positioning
  • Marketing Innovation for a customer-centric strategy
  • Social and managerial Innovation to make the team more engaged
  • Creativity processes for the company’s different departments
  • Innovation governance
What sets us apart
  • Our ability to work on end to end innovation (innovation strategy, processes and systems, innovation culture, adequate skills et behaviours) and to generate a creative tension between ambition and realism
  • Our strong interest for open innovation, notably when it comes to ‘coopetition’ (collaboration between business competitors with mutually beneficial results).
  • Our culture of creativity processes (through tools like the “Creative Café”)

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